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  • BREAKING: Bombshell Report Reveals Trump Could Be Under ‘Sealed’ Indictment

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    California attorney Alexander Stern has dropped a hammer on Donald Trump by declaring in a report that the president may already be placed under a sealed indictment. It has previously been thought that Trump could not be under indictment as it may prevent him from doing his job effectively, but a report by Stern and other leading legal figures states:

    “The Department of Justice says prosecuting a sitting president can impermissibly distract him. However, indictments under seal, remove this fear.”

    The potential for a president being tried under a sealed indictment would be a legal first and would ensure that Trump could carry out his duties effectively and be punished for any wrongdoing after his term comes to an end. The report will be a shock to Trump. He would be reassured that essentially while he is president he is untouchable (not completely but still), but clearly he’s never considered what happens afterward.

    The idea of a sealed indictment means that should Trump decide to fire Special Investigator Robert Mueller, the judicial branch could still hold Trump to account. “It just sets the process in motion formally. It empowers the courts to have authority over Mr.Trump so that perhaps if Mr. Mueller is fired or otherwise leaves his post, the judicial branch will have jurisdiction and they are not beholden to Mr. Trump,” Stern said.

    There is also widespread thinking that if there is a sealed indictment, Trump would not be able to get away with any wrongdoing under the Statute of Limitations rule. Indeed these legal arguments have never been dreamed of before and now the might of the collective legal brains of America is being put to use to try and find a way to ensure that if Robert Mueller does find something to hammer Trump with, he’ll be able to get his man.

    Interestingly, Trump probably doesn’t even know that a sealed document might put him behind bars later as he continues with his stupidity.

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