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  • Michael Avenatti Just Dropped A Bombshell About What’s On Cohen Tapes, Trump Terrified (VIDEO)

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    Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has been a nightmare for Donald Trump and his legal team. Avenatti has refused to back down and continuously makes Trump’s gang look like fools as he moves forward with Daniels’ case to sue Trump to void a non-disclosure agreement about their affair.

    More recently, Avenatti has urged Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to release some audio tapes that are related to Daniels’ case against the president — and earlier today, we found out why Cohen and Trump will fight tooth and nail to hide them.

    Apparently, Trump’s voice is on the tapes recorded by Cohen and Avenatti is calling for their release due to public interest. In an interview with MSNBC host Craig Melvin, Avenatti said:

    “These tapes relate directly to the conduct of the president’s right-hand attorney, relate directly to issues considering my client, attorney-client privileges that were disclosed by Mr. Cohen improperly by her prior counsel. And also, we have every reason to believe that the tapes include communications between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen that don’t have anything to do with the rendering of legal advice. So those are not privileged communications.”

    Melvin did a double take and asked, “The president’s voice is on the tapes?” Avenatti responded:

    “That’s our understanding. My client’s voice is not on the tapes, to the best of our knowledge. My client’s attorney’s voice is on the tapes, describing communications that he had with my client, which he should have never been disclosing, because that was privileged information. This whole thing appears to stink.”

    You can watch the interview below:

    If that weren’t bad enough for Trump, looking at Avenatti’s Twitter timeline is like watching Trump’s presidency unravel in real time.

    Things are really heating up, and Trump is going down!

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