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  • Trump’s Attorney Just Busted Him In ‘Spygate’ Scandal; Trump Will Lose It

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    Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lackey and moral defender, has once again goofed by saying that Trump’s shrieking about FBI spies and informants are really a PR tactic to undermine Robert Mueller and his investigation.

    In a segment with CNN’s State of Union, Giuliani said that the Mueller investigation — which Trump calls “Spygate” — is only designed to sway public opinion. When accused of being part of a campaign to undermine the Mueller investigation, Giuliani responded with: “Of course — we have to do it to defend the president. It is for public opinion.”

    Let it be on record that the people surrounding Trump are not interested in the truth nor in facts — they are only interested in insulating Trump’s ego.

    Giuliani Isn’t Helping Trump Much

    Giuliani has recently exposed one of Trump’s lies, catapulting the president into legal trouble. During a segment on Fox News earlier this month, Giuliani said that Trump reimbursed his attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 hush money payment he made to Stormy Daniels. Prior to this revelation, Trump said that he did not know anything about the payment.

    Giuliani also said that Trump would regularly pay off women in addition to Daniels if it were “necessary.” He told ABC that he had “no knowledge” of any additional payments. Michael Avenatti, Daniel’s lawyer, alleges that two women have gotten even bigger payouts than Daniel’s $130,000.

    Trump is picking up the slack, with him recently lamenting the investigation on Twitter, saying that “young and beautiful” lives were being “devastated and destroyed” because of the investigation. “They went back home in tatters!” Trump screamed in his corner of the internet — although no one really knows exactly who he is referring to.

    Giuliani is a strange, inconsistent, and incoherent lapdog. The one trick he doesn’t seem to be able to learn is how to stop barking.

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